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Breeder of Jack Russell Terrier 

Gothenburg, Sweden  

Registered in FCI, SKK 1985 

We are members of the Swedish Kennel Club, The Jack Russell Club and the Swedish Terrier Club.

Stjärnlidens Kennel is a small family kennel with a few litters per year. Our puppies are born in our bedroom and are then part of our family until it comes time to move to their new homes. We regularly train and compete with our dogs in obedience and agility. We attend to dog shows. We also participate in Svenska KennelKlubbens breeders and anatomy courses.


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We are expecting puppies. Are you interested in puppy, you are welcome to see more about this litter in Puppies


Ginny gave birth to 2 female puppies


Elsa gave birth to 1 female and 3 male puppies (smooth litter)

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"Ebba" Ell-Ell´s Just You Just Me and "Morris" Stjärnlidens Matrix Mayor got 3 male puppies on June 12, 2018

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We congratulate Nicky and Paul Graves, UK, owner of Annie (Stjärnlidens Undercover Girl) for the success of Crufts, the world's largest dog show.

Annie won the junior class for bitches. Congratulations !


"Diva" Saltisgårdens Runway Diva and "Morris" Stjärnlidens Matrix Mayor got 5 female puppies and 1 male puppy on February 15, 2018

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Katnis and Jackpot got two female puppies and two male puppies on October 10, 2017


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We have mated Katniss with Jackpot and if everything goes well we expect puppies around October 12th

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Annie has now moved to her new home in England and we wish Nicky and Paul good luck with this charming little puppy. We know she's coming to a wonderful home and Annie will probably challenge her new "dog siblings" on play and mischief.

The parents of Annie are Max (DK UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH SE V-16 DK Ell-Ell Kingdom Hearts) and Diva (Saltisgård Runway Diva)